Wikipedia section in wiki natural
A section of a Wikipedia page displayed in WikiNatural.

WikiNatural, also known as Natural Web, was my capstone project as an undergraduate Computer Science student. I co-developed it with Adam McManigal, Heather Shadoan, and Kyle Doyle at the University of Montana in 2013. The brain child of Adam McManigal, WikiNatural retrieves Wikipedia pages and displays them on panels in a 3D environment. In theory, users should be able to browse through information faster because WikiNatural spreads it over the X- and Y-plane as opposed to displaying it all on a single, long page. The application also has a map that tracks what pages you’ve visited and in what order.

Wiki natural map
Part of a map of visited Wikipedia pages displayed in WikiNatural.

WikiNatural is out of order until I setup a server since YQL has been discontinued. Usually, you could explore WikiNatural here.

If you need help, you can find documentation in its GitHub repository here.

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