Weekly Update

OokiiSoraCon – The pop culture convention in Helena happened last weekend! About 400 people attended it over three days, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. While we did have a few hiccups behind the scenes, overall, we had a good first year! During opening ceremonies, the convention chair played OokiiSoraCon Rules and Policies: The Game for an audience of about 100 people and voice-acted the dialog with the members of Zapp’s Spaceship of Love, the convention’s guests of honor. Everyone found it hilarious, and we received compliments on the game throughout the weekend. Once the board and the convention’s volunteers recover and we start holding meetings again, I’ll bring up the possibility of sharing it online for all to see.

The Twelfth Hour – Despite how busy I’ve been (including volunteering over 50 hours in four days during the course of the convention O.o), I managed to finish editing Chapter 9 and make a plan for editing Chapter 10. I’m still on schedule! While Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 were fairly easy to edit in this draft, however, I have a feeling Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 are going to be a pain. They are longer than I would like, and a crap-ton of stuff happens in them. I do know how to fix a couple problems though. Two scenes don’t feel quite right emotionally, and past experience has shown that whenever that happens, the problem is always that the protagonist isn’t angry enough. And indeed, that is the problem. In another two scenes, I realized I needed the sidekick in the scene, but I had the love interest instead. That’s a new and bizarre mistake.

Tic Tac Toe – The job I applied for a few weeks ago came back to life the moment I got home from Montana. The CEO invited me to finish my Tic Tac Toe game and apply for two new openings for temporary positions in the company. In the space of two days, I finished the project and then had a two-hour-long interview. @.@ I’ll find out next week if I got the job or not, but regardless, I’ll have an even better project to add to my portfolio. It was also nice to hear from someone with much more experience than me that I actually have decent UI/UX design skills and coding style. After spending my entire career working mostly alone, making up coding standards, figuring out how to use design code and interface as I go, and hardly ever having getting any feedback on that stuff, that’s pretty validating. O.O

Team KAIZEN – After OokiiSoraCon, I made a trip to Great Falls to visit the owners of Team KAIZEN. We met a new member of our team and discussed what his role would be, we talked about some exciting opportunities that have come up in the wake of E3, and we talked about Burst! and Shattered Soul. Hint: If the job I applied for doesn’t come to fruition you just might see more articles and videos from me. 🙂 I also gave the author of Winds of Eshra the notes I had on her book. In other Burst!-related news, while this job opportunity and OokiiSoraCon continue to slow progress on it, I did implement Undo and Redo functions in the Burst! Song Editor as well as the ability for users to swap between PlayStation and keyboard control schemes and icons.


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