Creating a map for a non-linear eBook

As part of the development of the non-linear ePub Reader Adventurous Reader, a story that takes advantage of how it will be viewed within it will be developed. This story should demonstrate that reading non-linear content within Adventurous Reader is significantly different from viewing it in a traditional linear reader and serve as an example of the types of non-linear and interactive books that can be written to engage readers in today’s world of fast-paced, short, various, and vast entertainments.

The story in development makes use of optional sections and storylines to create an experience that allows the reader to consume a short story but encourages them to explore the concepts discussed within it. In this way, the reader can have an experience that is as long or as short as desired. While there is enough material to make this story book length, developing a subset of the book’s content will suffice in testing the Adventurous Reader concept.

A preliminary list of all sections in the book.
A preliminary list of all sections in the book.
A map showing how some sections of the book connect together.
A map showing the subset of the book that will be developed for demonstration. This map shows how some sections of the story will connect together.