Professional Work

The Agile Suite – At Agile Data Solutions, I was the lead developer of Start:Collect and Start:Review, software for searching through, classifying, redacting, OCRing, and converting massive sets of electronic documents.

Schedule Splitter – This Windows desktop application splits an input PDF and emails the resulting files to user-specified clients.

Student Work

Adventurous Reader – This extension of the Calibre E-Book Viewer divides non-linear e-books into sections and displays a network representation of them. I developed it as part of my master’s thesis.

WikiNatural – This web application I co-developed as part of my capstone undergraduate project displays Wikipedia pages in 3D.

WebGL and three.js Demos – This collection of 3D web applications I built for a couple classes as an undergraduate student explore procedural generation, rigging, and animation among other topics.

Creative Work

Cue Masher – I developed this digital desktop soundboard for theater productions with particularly complicated sound designs.

Shattered Soul and Burst! – I’m a volunteer programmer at Team KAIZEN Game Studio where I primarily contribute to the combat system of their 3D fighter Shattered Soul and the song editor for their indie rhythm game Burst!.

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