Professional Work

The Start:Suite – At Agile Data Solutions, I was the lead developer of Start:Collect and Start:Review, software for searching through, classifying, redacting, OCRing, and converting massive sets of electronic documents.

Schedule Splitter – This Windows desktop application splits an input PDF and emails the resulting files to user-specified clients.

Student Work

Adventurous Reader – This extension of the Calibre E-Book Viewer divides non-linear e-books into sections and displays a network representation of them. I developed it as part of my master’s thesis.

WikiNatural – This web application I co-developed as part of my capstone undergraduate project displays Wikipedia pages in 3D.

WebGL and three.js Demos – This collection of 3D web applications I built for a couple classes as an undergraduate student explore procedural generation, rigging, and animation among other topics.

Creative Work

Cue Masher – I developed this digital desktop soundboard for theater productions with particularly complicated sound designs.

Shattered Soul – I’m one of the primary contributors to the technical demo of Team KAIZEN Game Studio’s 3D fighter Shattered Soul.

Burst! – Here’s another upcoming game by Team KAIZEN, a rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero where players explode fireworks to the beat of music. I’m currently the main developer of Burst! and its level creation tool, the Burst! Song Editor.

Volunteer Work

OokiiSoraCon – I’m the Web Content Manager for OokiiSoraCon, an anime and pop culture convention in Helena, MT. I edit words, write words, make things look nicer, and add new features to the OokiiSoraCon website and related Google forms.

Port Polson Players – Once a theater technician for the Port Polson Players, I now keep their website up to date with information about their upcoming productions.

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