Elysium from South Korea to North America

I’ve been working on an article on one of my favorite case studies Elysium (2003), and finally got it polished enough to post it.

The CGI feature-length movie Elysium (2003) was created in South Korea and, like many foreign films, adapted and redubbed for an English-speaking audience. Strangely, however, the adapted film contains thirteen minutes of footage that don’t exist in the supposed original. Further, the South Korean film contains evidence of tampering and a sloppy editing job. This paper details the differences between the two versions of Elysium and attempts to explain what happened on the film’s journey from South Korea to North America.

You can read the full paper here: Elysium from South Korea to North America

Anime Abominations with return in a week or so. I promise. 😛


The Seeker’s Greatest Weakness Extra Life Article

Another article I wrote has been published on the Extra Life website. You can read it here.

For those of you who don’t know, Extra Life is like a marathon for charity, but instead of running or walking, you play video games to raise money for a children’s hospital of your choice. The next official Extra Life event is on November 5, but you can raise money whenever you want year round. Check out the Extra Life website to learn more and sign up!