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Elysium (2003) on YouTube

I recently received a request from someone who read My Search for the Final Fantasy of South Korea to post the full English dub of Elysium online. I’m not the type to upload movies, but the history of CGI movies is important, Elysium is important (and awful), and there don’t appear to be many copies out there. Surprisingly, YouTube allowed it to exist. So far, only what appears to be a bootleg movie site has claimed to own the film, specifically the original South Korean version, and monetized the video, but it hasn’t been taken down yet. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Elysium’s Spiritual Successor!?

Holy crap. A South Korean film made in 2005 that bares a striking resemblance to Elysium. I’ve only seen the first five minutes, but Ark is bound to be interesting.

Edit: It was actually quite competent compared to Elysium. Where Elysium didn’t explain anything, Ark goes into excrutiating detail though. I think the plot must have been explained at least five times. The film does pose an interesting question at the end. What can we learn from Amarinth (the protagonist)? Really… what can we learn from Amarinth? I’m still not sure. XD

My Search for the Final Fantasy of South Korea Extra Life Article

Last post, you read a 27-page paper about the oddities found in the English and South Korean versions of Elysium. Would you believe that even more craziness surrounds this movie? You can read all about it in my lastest post on the Extra Life website here.

For those of you who don’t know, Extra Life is like a marathon for charity, but instead of running or walking, you play video games to raise money for a children’s hospital of your choice. The next official Extra Life event is on November 5, but you can raise money whenever you want year round. Check out the Extra Life website to learn more and sign up!

Elysium from South Korea to North America

I’ve been working on an article on one of my favorite case studies Elysium (2003), and finally got it polished enough to post it.

The CGI feature-length movie Elysium (2003) was created in South Korea and, like many foreign films, adapted and redubbed for an English-speaking audience. Strangely, however, the adapted film contains thirteen minutes of footage that don’t exist in the supposed original. Further, the South Korean film contains evidence of tampering and a sloppy editing job. This paper details the differences between the two versions of Elysium and attempts to explain what happened on the film’s journey from South Korea to North America.

You can read the full paper here: Elysium from South Korea to North America

Anime Abominations with return in a week or so. I promise. 😛

Elysium’s Koreanisch Audio Track

I posted this clip on YouTube a while ago, but I’m reposting it here because it needs an answer.

The existence of Elysium (2003) baffles me for many reasons, and this clip is one of them. As part of a much longer story about my search for Elysium’s origins, I purchased the German DVD of it on the belief that it contained the original Korean audio. When I listened to the “Koreanisch” audio track though, it didn’t sound Korean. It sounded Chinese with hints of Spanish. I don’t speak Korean and I don’t hear it often, but I’m pretty sure that this audio track is not Korean. Can anyone prove me right or wrong? Does anyone know what language this is?

There exists in the world a DVD that tries to pass off some other language as Korean, and that is insane.

Assorted CG Movie Trivia and Quotes

Do you want an infinite loop of this random CG movie trivia? Download the slideshow here.

Tekken Refridgerator
-Tekken: Blood Vengeance
Source: IMDB
Citizen Siege Producer
Source: Oddworld Creators and Vanguard Animation Partner on Citizen Siege. (Oct 28, 2006).
Retrieved from
Citizen Siege Crash
Source: Oddworld Creators and Vanguard Animation Partner on Citizen Siege. (Oct 28, 2006). Retrieved from
Source: IMDB
Final Fantasy Dilly Dally
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Source: IMDB
Polar Express
Source: IMDB
Guinness Book of World Records Website
The Incredibles
Source: ComputerHistory. (Dec 7, 2007). Pixar – A Human Story of Computer Animation. Retrieved from
Kaena Memento
Source: IMDB
Kaena Development
Source: EdDouglas. (June 18, 2004). An Interview with “Kaena” Director Chris Delaporte. Retrieved from
Peszko, J. P. (2004, July). Kaena: The Prophecy – First 3D CGI Feature-Length Film from Europe. Animation World Magazine, 32-35.
Elysium Quote
Spirits Within Thriller
Source: IMDB
Spirits Within Expensive
Source: Guinness Book of World Records Website
Spirits Within Hair
Source: IMDB
Shrek Locations
Source: IMDB
Toy Story 2 Distaster
Source: Panzarino, M. (May 21, 2012). How Pixar’s Toy Story 2 was deleted twice, once by technology and again for its own good.
Retrieved from
Toy Story Airport
Source: IMDB
Toy Story 2 Dust
Source: IMDB
A Bugs Life
-A Bug’s Life
Antz Vs Bugs
Source: Fleeman, M. (Oct 2, 1998). Of Ants, Bugs, and Rug Rats: The Story of Dueling Bug Movies.
Retrieved from
Antz Quote
Antz Rating
Source: IMDB
-Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus
Oddworld Movies
Source: Katzenjammer Records. (May 2013). Interview with Lorne Lanning Creator of Oddworld Inc.
Retrieved from
Exoddus Movie
Source: Katzenjammer Records. (May 2013). Interview with Lorne Lanning Creator of Oddworld Inc.
Retrieved from
Toy Story
Source: IMDB
Brave Toaster
Source: Schlender, B. (May 17, 2006). Pixar’s magic man. Retrieved from
ReBoot record
Source: Bernstein, S. (Nov 10, 1994). Techno-Artists ‘Tooning Up: ‘Reboot’ Is First Series to Be Fully Computerized. Retrieved from
ReBoot dark
Source: IMDB
Beast Wars Quote
-Beast Wars: Transformers
Starshipp Troopers trouble
Source: Oliver, G. (Sept 21, 1999). “Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles” debacle !!!. Retrieved from

Elysium (2003) was made in South Korea. (Source: IMDB)

Appleseed (2004), Appleseed: Ex Machina (2007), Tekken: Blood Vengeance (2011), Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008), and Resident Evil: Damnation (2012) were made by the Japanese company Digital Frontier. (Source: Digital Frontier Website)

Have some CG movie trivia you think would fit here? Leave a comment below or send an email. Include a source!