Ode to Google Translate Sings

I recently rediscovered Google Translate Sings: “Do you want to Build a Snowman?” and felt compelled to share the creator of the Google Translate Sings series. She doesn’t have nearly enough subscribers. Here are my favorites of her Frozen videos, but she has many other videos with music from other movies, series, and popular songs.


Lorne Lanning on VR, Films, and Games

Lorne Lanning Talks Oddworld: Soulstorm, VR and the Future Of Console Gaming

I might as well post the interview where Sausage Party came from as well. Lorne Lanning’s views on the game and film industry are always interesting. He also briefly talks about Citizen Siege, his canceled R-rated, CG movie project.

Sausage Party

What is it with you Hollywood? There’s just no in-between with you. Why are CG movies only ever definitely for children (any Pixar movie, any Disney CG movie) or definitely not (Beowulf, Sausage Party)? Antz was nice and in-between! It wasn’t exactly for children, but it wasn’t excessive and offensive either! Can’t we have more and better Antz?

Well, I suppose if you want to make a CG movie for adults/teenagers in America where most people think all cartoons and CG films are for children regardless of their rating, the movie had better be as obnoxious and obvious as possible. “Hey parents… GET YOUR ****ING KIDS OUT OF THE ROOM! WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Also, watch me! Take me seriously as a film for an older audience! Please I beg of you! Look at my adult content! Look how adult I am!”

It’s cool to see an adult-oriented CG movie outside of the action movie genre. Perhaps PG-13+ CG movies are finally evolving! I just don’t know if going from bad action movies to offensive comedies is an improvement.

A Nice .hack//G.U. Story Walkthrough

After being amused, confused, and enraged by .hack//G.U. Trilogy, I decided to find a “Let’s Play” of the .hack//G.U. games to figure out what the hell the movie is supposed to be about. I watch a lot of movies based on video games I’ve never played, and usually, they contain enough information for me to review their effectiveness as a standalone story. In this case though, I didn’t feel right beating on a movie based on a three games that supposedly had a “crazy good story.” .hack//G.U. Trilogy isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it is the most frustrating to watch. It was badly paced; made little to no attempt to explain anything; painted the protagonist as a compulsive asshole and his love intrest as a needy, selfish, idiot; and left me wondering why anyone would think that the story was good. I felt I needed to at least attempt to understand it though. People like it for some reason, right? After finding that my hatred for .hack//G.U. Trilogy was rivaled only by my hatred of .hack//Roots, I went searching for Let’s Plays of the games. I’m through the first two and am pleasantly surprised to find that I like the story they tell much better. I still don’t like the movie (in fact, I think it’s even worse now), but at least I feel more justified in saying that.

Anyway, I found a very nice story walkthrough of the first two games that features all the cutscene in them as well as relevant transitions and gameplay between them. Best of all, there isn’t hours of leveling up and some guy talking over the top of everything about fan theories, lore, and other things that I don’t want to hear/want to find out for myself. Unfortunately, it appears that the uploader’s videos for the third game were flagged for copyright infringement. If I find a good story walkthrough for it out there, I’ll probably post that here as well.