Sausage Party’s on Netflix!

Know what else is on Netflix? Sausage Party. I’m disgusted but not as disgusted as I expected to be by it. The references to other CGI movies such as Toy Story, Antz, and, of course, Foodfight! were neat, and the movie tried to say something. I’m still trying to determine whether what it said was profound, disgusting, or generic though. When my disgust wears off, perhaps I’ll watch it again.



I came across a random adult-oriented, CGI movie on Netflix that has a surprisingly competent story. At the very least, there’s a problem to solve and a protagonist with a mostly sensible motivation and weaknesses. Amazing, I know! Now if only the supporting female character didn’t constantly transform into whatever the plot needed her to be and fall in love with some guy she just met…

Go watch it!