Other Writings

Non-Linear Narratives Research – As a computer scientist, I highlight the current problems in writing, displaying, and distributing digital non-linear narratives and introduce e-books and a specialized e-reader as a solution to these problems. As a writer, however, my interest is in determining what makes a non-linear narrative emotionally investing, educational, interesting, or an incoherent mess.

You can see Ender’s Game if you want to – Speech Therapy Vlog on the Skip Ender’s Game Pledge

Pocky Monsters – Pocky Monsters is a film and script parody of Pokémon. After writing the script, I worked on the film on and off with different groups of amateur actors and crew members from 2007 to 2011 for fun. I also edited what footage we filmed and created most of the animations and special effects.

My Eliza – A short story I wrote for a challenge. A socially-awkward thief has a job interview that goes horribly wrong but not in the way you’d expect.

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