Research and Writing

Main Focuses

Computer-Generated Movies – My research on this topic focuses on computer-animated films that target teenagers and adults to highlight their potential as well as the flaws they have yet to overcome. These rare films are interesting for the unique themes, art styles, and content they contain in a medium otherwise saturated with children’s entertainment. They also, however, reveal that we don’t yet know how to use computer animation to tell a story with mature content.

Non-Linear Narratives – As a computer scientist, I highlight the current problems in writing, displaying, and distributing digital non-linear narratives and introduce e-books and a specialized e-reader as a solution to these problems. As a writer, however, my interest is in determining what makes a non-linear narrative emotionally investing, educational, interesting, or an incoherent mess.

Other Topics

You can see Ender’s Game if you want to – Speech Therapy Vlog on the Skip Ender’s Game Pledge

Pocky Monsters – Pocky Monsters is a film and script parody of Pokémon. After writing the script, I worked on the film on and off with different groups of amateur actors and crew members from 2007 to 2011 for fun. I also edited what footage we filmed and created most of the animations and special effects.

My Eliza – A short story I wrote for a challenge about how a socially-awkward thief’s job interview goes horribly wrong.

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