WikiNatural Release

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I decided to resurrect an old project I co-developed for school, a 3D web browser for Wikipedia pages. You can even play around with it online because GitHub Pages is awesome. See the new WikiNatural page for ALL the details.


Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary

While I was reading through overly-negative reviews of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (because I’m a masochist), I came across a new CGI movie to watch.

Edit: Here are my initial thoughts about it in the form of a conversation. Yes, this movie spoke to me. O.O

Saint Seiya: We are a group of four (five?) warriors, who have to protect this stupid, helpless girl! Within a day of discovering we even existed, she has decided to accept her fate and name as Athena!
Me: Okay… So what does this quest mean to you personally?
SS: She has to replace the imposter Pope! We must fight epic battles against armored men representing the twelve signs of the zodiac!
Me: And I should care because…?
SS: We all possess the same silly and determined personality!