eBook Reader Test

I created a test to determine what media various ePub and MOBI readers for PC could view: MP4, WEBM, MP3, JPG, PNG, GIF, Canvas elements, and HTML tables. The results are shown below.



Natural Web

NaturalWeb1Natural Web is a 3D web browser for Wikipedia developed using Javascript and WebGL. This project attempted to make use of the x- and y-axis in displaying information to make it easier and faster for users to find a particular piece of information in very long webpages. Natural Web also keeps track of what pages the user navigates to and provides them with a map of all the paths they’ve taken.

Natural Web Zoom
Users can zoom into a panel and scroll up and down.

I wrote the code that placed the panels of HTML around the player, placed the nodes on the map, and animated the panels and camera.

Natural Web Map
Natural Web’s map

RPS Wars

RPS Wars Battlefield
A snapshot of a battlefield in RPS Wars

RPS Wars is an experimental war simulation and video game. It features three armies that follow the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors with a twist. Each army is made up of four soldier types that move and attack according to different rules. Soldiers can also gain experience to become more effective in combat. The heavy use of artificial intelligence is such that the game could play itself if left alone. It was created as an attempt to prove that a new middleware called InfoSphere Streams could be used for video games, simulations, and other artificial intelligence programs.

I came up with the concept and developed most of RPS Wars as part of a scholarship/internship, provided by GCS Research, in 2011-2012. The game was developed in Java, SPADE, and SPL.



xPhobia Main Menu
xPhobia’s main menu, designed by RT.

xPhobia is a top-down RPG for Windows 7 developed in XNA. The game features a lone hero, who has traveled to a surreal tower to defeat an evil god that has tormented him throughout his life. Each level of the tower is themed around a phobia the hero has. Between each level, players explore the hero’s past and make a choice that determines the fear the hero gains and the content of the next level.

My work on this game includes outlining the characters and storyline, designing levels, designing and implementing many of the game’s menus, and creating the tiles that make up the environments in the game.

xPhobia Graveyard Tileset
A demonstration of the game’s graveyard tileset.
xPhobia Level Select
xPhobia’s Level Select menu.