In Memory of Kyle

A high school friend of mine committed suicide sometime this past weekend. It’s been about eight years since I last saw him, but it’s still sad to hear. He was a talented artist who became very troubled after high school. Last I saw him, he was in a dark and dangerous place, and ever since, I’ve wondered if he made it out. I decided to put together a video of some of the footage I have of him. It’s at least ten years old, but it represents my best memories of him. I can’t say I knew him well, even before we fell out of contact, but we all had some fun times making silly movies together.


Final Thoughts…

I thought about it a little more after discovering his tweet last night, and I think even if I don’t like how this story has been reported and how the content of his videos has been misrepresented in some cases, I think his TidePod tweet alone is worthy of further punishment. And I don’t have to support annoying people just because I support free speech. XD I gave him as fair a chance as possible, but clearly, he just doesn’t have any taste and isn’t learning from his mistakes.

Logan Paul’s Behavior in Japan

Oof. Nevermind. I found Logan Paul’s February 5th TidePod Tweet. Tone deaf joke for sure. DX I stand by everything else I said though.
There were some people in his Japan vlogs that obviously weren’t in on the joke and didn’t want to be included, but the vast majority of the people who appeared in the background or foreground were laughing at or with him, filming him, fans of his, way in the background, or people who understood the situation. In the couple incidents he was asked to stop filming or leave, he listened. His security guard directed pedestrians around him and made sure they understood what was going on as best he could. As much as Logan acted disrespectfully toward Japanese culture, he just as often enjoyed it, greeting people, complimenting how nice everyone was for putting up with him, going to a Japanese cosplay/karaoke restaurant, hanging out with people at some sort of sake stand… I’m sure there’s a lot of things going on off camera as well such as Logan introducing himself, asking for permission to use a person’s image after he’s filmed them, or asking if they’ll act out a skit with him.
As I understand it, as of a 2005 court ruling, it isn’t automatically wrong to film people in Japan without consent. It’s pretty open to interpretation now because it has to balance an individual’s right to not be filmed with another individual’s right to self-expression. In general, it’s wrong to film someone with malicious intent, such as to harm them socially or economically. Logan’s intent was to entertain both his audience and the people around him and “inform.” Sure, some people might be annoyed to discover a dead fish on their taxi or by any of Logan Paul’s other antics, but it might make them and people who see it laugh instead.

Polygon on Logan Paul’s Suspension

YouTube takes further action against Logan Paul, suspends all ads on channel

Hang on! Simmer down! This article appears to contain lies and doesn’t even reference what it’s talking about with specific examples or links to original sources.

As far as I know, he didn’t encourage anyone to eat TidePods. He mentioned it by saying something like, “I don’t know about this new trend that popped up while I was gone. When I was a little kid, I ate peanut butter sandwiches. I didn’t eat poisonous laundry detergent.”

I’m not sure what the writer found offensive or encouraging of dangerous behaviors in his recent vlogs. Logan posted a video where he had a conversation with someone who attempted suicide and with suicide counselors. He signed the petition to kick himself off YouTube, and did an entire video where he went to a college campus in disguise and interviewed college students about what they thought about him. He encouraged them to berate him. He blatantly advertises his clothing line, seriously and jokingly. He posted a video where he called a “fish doctor” to save his pond of koi fish from accidental chlorine poisoning. He posted another video where he adopted a bunch of new koi fish. He did a vlog where he shared how he almost died when he went skydiving solo for the first time recently. Yesterday, he vlogged about how upset he was that someone broke into his house the previous night and slept on his couch for no reason. Is any of that offensive?

He apologized for his behavior in Japan, which he admitted was a little more obnoxious than his usual stunts because he was excited to be there. Also, in many instances, his original Game Boy video was re-edited to show that he attempted to return it after he broke it. The original vlog shows that he discovered the Game Boy was malfunctioning shortly after he bought it. He threw it on the ground in frustration, to which his cameraman exclaims, “Why? You could have returned it.” He confronts the person who sold it anyway just to see what was going on. He discovers that he mistakenly bought a Game Boy Pocket instead of a Game Boy Color. He breaks it into pieces afterward and buys Pokemon onesies to soothe his disappointment. Perhaps it’s a little offensive but not as bad as it’s been made out to be.

He threw rotten milk and pumpkins onto a trampoline and into his pool, he acted annoying and obnoxious in public, he broke some ceramic plates, and he pretended to fight with his friends. That’s pretty benign compared to a lot of things on YouTube… I mean he could be popping zits (or worse) or farting with his pants down on top of a chocolate cake… I think Logan Paul assumes his viewers want to see someone dare to do things that they wouldn’t dare do themselves, not to find someone to role model their behavior on.

He tased some dried up dead rats he found on his deck… Is that… bad? Am I supposed to be horrified? My cat leaves mouse entrails on the front porch all the time, and I toss them unceremoniously into the garbage. Am I supposed to treat them with respect and have a funeral? Do people prefer him to tase live rats? D:

I’ve never watched Logan Paul’s vlogs before. I’ve been watching them recently because I was interested to see how he would return to vlogging. I think he’s handling it well, and I don’t know what people expect him to do if they’re still upset. Did they expect his channel to become dedicated to suicide prevention? Do they expect him to wallow in remorse for the rest of his life? He does comedy vlogs! His humor isn’t to everyone’s taste. I don’t particularly like it myself, but if 16 million people like it, then let them enjoy it. The vast majority of them know and accept that he made a mistake. They don’t need or want protection from people who don’t even know what his vlogs contain.

If it’s true that YouTube took away all his advertising funds because people are angry that he isn’t miserable and despairing, then I guess I shouldn’t expect better of the Internet though.

Weekly Update

Burst! – Over the past two weeks, I polished Burst! quite a bit and added some new features, including long notes, the ability to hit a beat perfectly, and a song selection screen. I also created a build for the game designer to look over. He has since released a video to show off the latest gameplay.

Shattered Soul – I didn’t do any development on it, but the game designer requested a new build to record an update video. The videos he released a couple months ago show a build that was outdated from the moment he filmed it and don’t depict the current state of the game. He figured he ought to remedy that. You can find the new video here.

The Twelfth Hour – I finished a rough rewrite of Chapter 9 and most of Chapter 10. I also unofficially started rewriting Chapter 11, taking pieces of it and moving them to 10 and vice versa. A significant portion of 11 is going to get axed, and it’s going to feel great. Wahaha! >:D

Weekly Update

Burst! – I finished Burst!’s Song Editor for Team KAIZEN last week. Well, for now anyway. The audio engineer, my brother, informed me that most of the game’s music wasn’t included in the project I inherited. I’ll have to add those once he’s finished editing them and making final decisions with the game designer. If it needs more tools, I’ll, of course, implement those as well, but in the meantime, I’m on to polishing Burst! itself. Good Lord! I don’t know if it’s me or the people I work with, but I keep inheriting undocumented spaghetti code!

The Twelfth Hour – Chapter 9 is taking longer than expected, but I’m about three-fourths of the way through it. I might go on to Chapter 10 since I never finished writing it in the first place, and many of the changes I made in the previous two chapters have also affected this one. Who knows? Perhaps I will continue rewriting until I reach the end of the book. Chapter 11 is also massive and in need of changes and pruning. It’s okay though. In the last draft I wrote of this book, I completely rewrote more than half of it. Before that, I rewrote the entire book at least three times. Now I’m down to less than half, and I haven’t even started changing major events yet, though I think I’m about to start. So I am getting closer to a final draft! I swear.

Sakuracon – I made the decision recently to go to Sakuracon with some friends this year. For fun, I also decided to submit The Lightbringer to the AMV contest. I just sent it in last night and haven’t heard back yet, but if all goes well, it’ll at least play at some point during the weekend in the AMV room.

Weekly Update

Burst! – I’m almost done adding new features to Burst!’s song editor to improve its usability. Once that’s done, I’ll polish it and bug test. Then, game designers can use it to map button presses to the beat of songs for the actual game. I’m hoping to finish this up by the end of the month. Next, I’ll work on Burst! itself.

The Twelfth Hour – I wrote like mad and finished a rough rewrite of Chapter 8 this week. I’m a bit surprised it came together so quickly. I started with no idea how I was going to fit all these scenes together or if they would even work, but miraculously, all the pieces fell into place. O.o Next week, I’m hoping to finish a rough rewrite of Chapter 9. It depends if I can continue this speedy pace. After all, I’m also starting this chapter with no idea what I’m doing. 😛 It’s also massive and bloated… Then, I go back to Chapter 8, make a plan, and start revising because rough rewrites for me either produce an excess of description or dialog with nothing else.

Critters – I finished editing the latest novel I took on from Critters. I think this is the first amateur novel I’ve read that had a satisfying ending. O.O It was great!