Weekly Update

Burst! – Over the past two weeks, I polished Burst! quite a bit and added some new features, including long notes, the ability to hit a beat perfectly, and a song selection screen. I also created a build for the game designer to look over. He has since released a video to show off the latest gameplay.

Shattered Soul – I didn’t do any development on it, but the game designer requested a new build to record an update video. The videos he released a couple months ago show a build that was outdated from the moment he filmed it and don’t depict the current state of the game. He figured he ought to remedy that. You can find the new video here.

The Twelfth Hour – I finished a rough rewrite of Chapter 9 and most of Chapter 10. I also unofficially started rewriting Chapter 11, taking pieces of it and moving them to 10 and vice versa. A significant portion of 11 is going to get axed, and it’s going to feel great. Wahaha! >:D


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