Unsolicited Comment: Logan Paul’s Dead Body Vlog

The premise for Logan Paul’s Dead Body Vlog actually had the potential to send a powerful message to his viewers: “A silly YouTuber goes ghost hunting in a forest where 100 people commit suicide every year only to find out that it’s not a joke.” Indeed, watching the video, his and his crew’s reactions when they initially discover the body is a surreal moment. He is clearly horrified by what he’s found during what was supposed to be another fun, stupid video shoot.

The problem is video editing. He doesn’t end the video there, which undermines any potential it had to bring awareness to the pervasiveness of suicide in Japan and the West. Instead, he went back to, “Oh yeah, I’m a silly YouTuber. Let me drink sake and crack jokes in the parking lot outside the forest.” Which, how else are you supposed to react to accidentally discovering a dead body? Some may give into horror or despair, but it is also a somewhat ludicrous situation. They may have been raw, unfiltered words he said because he didn’t know what else to do with himself as he claimed. Leaving them in the video, however, just invites people to criticize his knee-jerk response rather than to experience with him the moment he realized what he treated as a joke is all too real. If all we had was everything up to his initial reaction and the retrospective vlog (probably minus the footage of the body. that’s a bit too real), this video may have had a very different response.

Clearly, for whatever reason, Logan Paul didn’t do that though. Perhaps he can’t “read the room,” perhaps he had good intentions for this video but his execution was flawed, perhaps he thought his viewers would be in the same emotional state he was in, perhaps he wanted his viewers to see and feel everything he did as I assume he wants with every vlog he does, or maybe he really is just a selfish jerk, who exploited a dead body. Who knows? But this is the Internet, so let’s just assume the worst, right?


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