Weekly Update

Writing – I finished revising Chapter 7 of the The Twelfth Hour and began making a plan for what to do with Chapter 8 and Chapter 9. Shit hits the fan in these chapters, and well, it hits a bit harder than I like. I also realized that midway through my previous draft, I’d begun rewriting part of Chapter 9 and never finished… so Chapter 9 kind of doesn’t even have a sensible series of events. Plus, a lot of things have changed over the course of this latest draft. Rather than coming up with a complete plan as I’ve done before I started revising previous chapters, I came up with a rough timeline of new and modified scenes that I wanted to happen instead and started a very rough rewrite. I’ll go back and figure out what scenes are necessary/working/problematic once I get a better feel for what exactly is happening and in what order. Also, I’m almost done editing the latest novel I took on from Critters, I’m helping my brother with a cover letter and resume, and I’m writing a cover letter and resume myself.

Programming – I’ve been putting some time into Burst!’s song editor for Team KAIZEN lately. The more tools I add to it, the more I feel like I’m building a video editor. O.o I also gave this website a facelift to make it easier to find things from the main menu. I removed some pages, added some pages, modified some pages, and reorganized some things.

Other – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I celebrated Christmas by helping my mom cook, writing, or doing nothing, which I will probably also do for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I uploaded the complete English dub of Elysium to YouTube as well, which took a surprisingly large amount of time and effort. I did it for you, Elysium!


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