Weekly Update

The Twelfth Hour – I made it through Chapter 5 finally! On to Chapter 6! Also, I posted the current opening to the book here. Some interesting feedback I received about it will be up next week.

Development – In addition to helping Team KAIZEN record some audio for a pitch video, I also did some development on Shattered Soul and Burst! for them. I made a visualization of an audio waveform and wrote some code to smack characters with a swinging boat ride.

Other – Our new venue was a little strange, but Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville was a success! Also on my road trip to Montana, I discovered that a friend of mine had a copy of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Limited Edition release, which includes a version of the script. It had some interesting discrepancies in it. I’ll share some excerpts in a couple weeks. Finally, I beat Final Fantasy XV! I’m planning to write a story analysis or revisit Kingsglaive or praise the Omen trailer more or something soonish.


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