Weekly Update

Programming – I finished fixing the code that controls the camera and control scheme in Team KAIZEN’s 3D fighter game Shattered Soul! Perhaps Josh will post a new video soon to show off the latest version, but until then, rest assured the camera no longer snaps and spins around, and the control inversion matches the side of the screen the player is on. While I’m waiting for more work to do, I decided to resurrect my artificial intelligence simulation/RTS game RPS Wars to get more practice with the Unity game engine. Soon you won’t have to have a Linux Red Hat Server to play it!

Writing – I made it 2/3 of the way through Chapter 3 of The Twelfth Hour this week. I have a fairly large section to rewrite though, so no guarantee I’ll get to the end of the chapter by the end of next week yet. I’ve also begun writing scripts for new episodes of Speech Therapy where I’ll compare one of my favorite terrible CGI movies Elysium to Foodfight!. Which film is worse? You’ll soon find out.

Other – I reorganized the website’s menu slightly. The link to the page with all my CGI movie analyses, one of the main things I do these days, seemed buried in one too many menus. So now it has its own tab for all to see!


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