Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie

I was looking at a list of movies “like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” on IMDB when I found this:

IMDB says it’s rated R, but I don’t quite believe it. NR is more likely with these video game spinoffs. For now, I put it under “R” in the Atypical CGI movie list, but I might move it when I find out for sure. Appleseed was rated R just because someone murdered a child in it I think, so R could still be correct.


Weekly Update

Final Fantasy – I think talking about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children with random people and reviewers on YouTube and Twitter has become one of my favorite things to do. I did that a lot this week. So yeah, if you want to talk about Advent Children, send me a tweet @SilentFuzzle. Or just tweet #AdventChildren, and I’ll probably hunt you down. I also officially purchased Final Fantasy XV. This means I can witness its glory/incompetence myself and write retrospectives on the game, the movie, and the Omen trailer in the future!

Unpacking – Most of my time this week went to unpacking and organizing my new place in Spokane. It’s been hard to work on projects around the piles of junk in and around my room, but I should be somewhat back on track next week… around the Fourth of July and more unpacking. It’s always interesting looking through my old papers. Most of it’s embarrassing or meaningless, but some of it’s hilarious. Perhaps I’ll post a couple old stories here. I also found a letter that my mom wrote to me for some project I did in middle school or high school about what I was like when I was little. She said I wrote stories before I even knew how to spell. I knew that part, but she also wrote that she hoped I would become an influential writer. I think part of my goal while I don’t have a job is to figure out if I’m supposed to be making and analyzing stories instead of developing productivity software. Doing anything even remotely related to storytelling has always made me happiest, and my spare time has always been and will probably always be devoted to that. Maybe if I harass enough people about Advent Children on Twitter, I can be one of those freaks who makes a living off it. 😛

Improvised Incoherence – I did manage to record two episodes of Improvised Incoherence this week. Those should both be out next week and/or the week after.