Weekly Update

My Eliza – I spent most of this week editing my short story, My Eliza. This included generating what’s going on in the background of the protagonist’s story and the setting. It officially takes place in an alternate United States where the U.S. government collapsed and has been replaced with small experimental governments and anarchy. Apparently, it was necessary to sprinkle some Stefan Molyneux philosophy into the somewhat mundane topic of a job interview gone wrong. I actually really like the extra layer of strange it adds. People said they wanted to know the setting, so I gave them a hell of a setting. I just hope it doesn’t overpower the story.

The Twelfth Hour – I made it to chapter three of twelve in the rewrite process of my novel. I’m hoping to finish this next chapter within two weeks, but it has some rough sections and I have a family reunion next weekend, so we’ll see. I’m thinking about sending chapter one through Critters as well. I have a feeling that this is the type of book that some people will love but most will absolutely hate because I do so many unconventional things in it (switching between first- and third-person, switching between past- and present-tense, redacting character names, mixing alien, ghost, and monster tropes, featuring an angsty protagonist, making heavy use of unreliable narrators, etc.), but if the feedback is anything like what I received for My Eliza, it will still be interesting to see.

Shattered Soul – I got the control scheme mostly working on Team KAIZEN’s 3D fighter. Vector math is a pain though, so it’s not perfect yet. It is, however, much more awesome than it was.


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