Weekly Update

Kingsglaive vs Advent Children – I spent the majority of the week video editing the latest episode of Speech Therapy. This video officially marks the end of my Kingsglaive and Advent Children craze. I’ll probably continue my futile harassment people on YouTube and Final Fantasy forums, but that’s all I have planned for reviews at the moment. If one thing has become clear, I don’t think it’s possible to convince Final Fantasy VII fans determined to hate Advent Children that it is good. Square Enix is composed of malicious capitalists that give people what they want and/or destroy their own worlds in exchange for money regardless of the apparent quality or effort they put into what they produce. I suppose you can’t make anyone change their mind about anything though. That’s true of everything from politics to Star Wars sequels. O.o Anyway, if something else doesn’t distract me first, Foodfight!, Elysium, and Resident Evil: Degeneration are next!

Writing – When I wasn’t video editing like mad, I was writing something. I’m reviewing a novel for someone through Critters, which involves writing my many opinionated thoughts, and working on The Twelfth Hour. I’m thinking about giving My Eliza and The Twelfth Hour a little more attention next week and next month.

Shattered Soul – I’ve taken somewhat of a hiatus from programming since moving due to craziness, distraction, and stuff everywhere, but I’m hoping to get back into it. This week, I worked on the control and camera movement scheme for Team KAIZEN’s 3D fighter Shattered Soul demo. Next week, if I’m some combination of lucky, determined, or talented, I’ll come up with something that works a bit better.


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