Weekly Update

Final Fantasy Analyses – I spent most of this week working on a new episode of Speech Therapy. Because Advent Children: What’s Beneath the Fan Service didn’t have nearly enough about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I’m making a couple episodes of Speech Therapy that compare it to Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. I swear I’ll talk about something other than Final Fantasy someday… I would have finished video editing today, but because I’m traveling instead, the new episode won’t be out until next week. Advent Children: What’s Beneath the Fan Service (Part 3) should be out next week as well. Sorry for the delay, but E3 week is a bad time to release retrospectives on twelve-year-old video game movies. 😀

Writing – When I wasn’t working on Speech Therapy, I continued outlining The Twelfth Hour and polished My Eliza. One of the characters in The Twelfth Hour had vague motivations, and in general, was being a bitch to write. After spending quite a bit of time thinking and free writing though, I finally figured him out, and I’m quite pleased with the results. Now I can actually start the rewriting process… after I figure out what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what needs elaboration throughout the book. I’m planning to put the polished version of My Eliza into the Critters Workshop next week. That should be an interesting experiment…

Job Hunting – I got a request to interview for a job I applied for three months ago. O.o Huh. Well, I’m not complaining. I also researched some freelancing websites because, damn, I really like reviewing and analyzing stories, and it would be neat to help people write them and get paid for it. Apparently, however, every freelancing website (Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour…) is horrible for one reason or another. That, or people just like to complain about con artists and not getting paid enough.


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