Weekly Update

Advent Children: What’s Beneath the Fan Service – Part 2 of my Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children analysis released on the Extra Life Community website this week. Find it here! The response between Facebook and Minds has been really cool so far. I’m thinking about posting a compilation so I always have an easy-to-access reminder that Advent Children fans exist. You guys are awesome. 🙂

My Eliza – This week, I wanted to try writing short fiction for a writer’s group on Minds. As a bonus challenge to myself, the story had to include two prompts: 1) the main character must get pulled over for speeding and told to get out of the car at gun point and 2) the main character must accidently swap phones during a job interview. I didn’t plan on posting it anywhere else, but it turned out so well that I did. You can find it here.

Other – My family decided to celebrate my niece’s birthday this weekend, I decided to fill out a job application in the middle of the week, and My Eliza took longer to write than I expected (even though fifteen hours is a ridiculously short time for me to write anything with a structure). Revision planning for The Twelfth Hour and building the editor for That’s Not an Argument got delayed consequently. Slow progress will likely continue because preparations for my move to another city are happening earlier than I expected as well, starting now. So we’ll see where I am in a week.


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