Culture Shock: FFXV the Game vs. the Movie

Noctis in the FFXV Omen short film compared to Regis in Kingsglaive.

I spent part of today trying to determine why the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV looks different from the cutscenes (released thus far) in Final Fantasy XV the game. For a while, I was convinced that the art styles must be different. FFXV is more stylized and anime-influenced both in how it looks and how the characters act and move. Spiky hair and dramatic acting is in! On the other hand, Kingsglaive is as realistic as possible. Art style still might be part of it, but the main reason I think they look different blew my mind a little when I realized it.

Kingsglaive is dominated by a mostly caucasian population, which includes King Regis. The game is dominated by characters of Japanese or Asian descent, including Regis’ son Noctis. Some of the characters who appear in both have a slightly different eye shape in the game to make them appear more Asian (like the Chancellor or Regis) or different character designs between both mediums (like Luna). This is probably why Regis and Noctis could not be seen together in the movie (because who would believe they’re related?).

…Changing dominant cultures between entries in the same franchise… That’s such a weird thing to do! Why would you do that!? O.O


4 thoughts on “Culture Shock: FFXV the Game vs. the Movie”

    1. Aww come on! You can’t have Final Fantasy without zany outfits and hair! 😛

      Random question: I was poking around the comments of your Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV review. Are your reviews of Advent Children and Advent Children Complete still on the Internet somewhere?

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