Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Release Date

I’m taking another break from Anime Abominations because Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV has a release date!

Its association with Stage 6 Films makes me nervous. Stage 6 specializes in producing low budget movies. Starship Troopers: Invasion and Appleseed: Alpha, both of which were seriously lacking in story, are among its productions. Regardless of whether its story is as stupid as killing yourself to stop a giant spider robot set to destroy and already ruined city though, Kingsglaive will at least be pretty… and a new Final Fantasy movie is awesome.

Edit (8/3/2016): I read a little deeper into it, and it appears that Stage 6 is only in charge of U.S. theater distribution. Whew. There’s hope yet! The film is directed by Takeshi Nozue, a co-director on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. A professional screenplay writer, Takashi Hasegawa, wrote the script, but “Hollywood staff” and Los Angeles-based Hydra Entertainment assisted in creating it. The film targets primarily an English-speaking audience. While the project began with the Advent Children team and Square Enix’s Visual Works division, which is dedicated to creating cutscenes, 50 companies would eventually contribute to the project, including studios in Hollywood, Canada, and Japan. I’m still skeptical, but this could be an interesting mix of western and eastern storytelling and artwork.


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