Anime Abominations (Part 3) – Funny Pets

Funny Pets is a 12-episode series of six-minute short films that aired in 2006. According to its description, Funny Pets is about two aliens named Crescent and Corona who must adjust to life as pets of the airheaded showgirl Funny. Watching this series, however, you probably won’t pick up on most of that. This show is bizarre, and while the characters grunt and squeak, they don’t have dialog. Each episode is self-contained and most of the time ends with one or more characters dead because they accidentally killed themselves or one another. What’s amazing about this show is that even though the characters do completely stupid and bizarre things with no verbal explanation, you’re never really lost as to why they’re behaving the way they are. While it’s not the most entertaining or the best looking show out there, it has some great visual storytelling. You can find all twelve episodes on YouTube.


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