Dougal vs. The Magic Roundabout

There’s this British/French computer-animated movie called The Magic Roundabout. It was originally produced in English in the United Kingdom, but when it was imported into the United States, it was completely redubbed in English AGAIN with a new cast and renamed “Dougal,” the name of the protagonist. The American version has an all-star cast including Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Smith, Ian McKellen, and even Jon Stewart (yes, The Daily Show Jon Stewart). Despite this, the American version (not the original British version) is considered to be one of the worst animated films ever made partly because everyone was outraged that almost all the original voice actors were replaced and partly because of all the pop culture references that were added in. Going by the ratings of the original British version, everyone seems to generally think that it’s okay.

I’ve read complaints that the American version is also terrible because the story is stupid and boring. I haven’t seen either version of the movie yet, but I wonder if the story in the American version was changed significantly? Or is the story in the British version equally stupid and boring, but no one complains about it just to further emphasize how much they hate the American version? I guess I’ll have to find out…


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